Les Siestes @ Nogent

Less is more. Assuming that our attention time is a quality that have to be cherished, we have decided to invite only 5 musicians or groups for this edition. Each will play twice, on Saturday and Sunday, by offering different concerts (very few opportunities for musicians to present several facets of their work in the same festival) or by inviting other musicians to join them. We consider that discovering 5 artists is already a very beautiful encounter.

FREE OPEN AIR CONCERTS - 0€ - Parc de la Fondation des artistes

16h > 17h - Quentin Kôôl : DJ set
17h > 18h - Rabit, Swan Meat & Cecilia : live
18h > 20h - Young Echo : DJ set
20h > 21h - François Atlas : live
FREE OPEN AIR CONCERTS - 0€ - Parc de la Fondation des artistes

16h > 17h - Young Echo : live
17h > 18h - TGV (Tristan Gaston Vallet) + SPMDJ (Syndrôme Pré Menstruel) : live
18h > 19h - Ding Dong (Cosmic Néman & Quéméré) : live
19h > 20h - Rabit : DJ set
20h > 21h - Lover Club & Erwan Evin De La Sin : DJ set

Etienne Robial is a graphic designer as much as he is a publisher, collector, teacher, artistic director, former bookseller, co-founder of the Angoulême International Comic Strip Festival... Active in counter-cultural circles, a travelling companion of French punk, he is particularly known for having shaped the history of television packaging - he is responsible for the visual identity of Canal +, but he also designed the posters for Alain Resnais’ films.
VANNI TEALDI - 0€ - Maison nationale des artistes

VVanni Tealdi (1928-1998) is a graphic illustrator, author of numerous posters and illustrations for children’s books. He designed film posters between the 1950s and the late 1980s. We will find a part of the history of popular cinema (film noirs, spaghetti western, SF and genre films), when illustration was still predominant and not yet replaced by photography.

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