Les Siestes Nogent

Les Siestes Nogent

After 7 editions in Paris (from 2011 to 2017, in partnership with the quai Branly museum) whose success was quite incredible, Les Siestes wanted a new challenge. We are therefore very happy to invest the park of the Fondation des Artistes, in Nogent-sur-Marne, for two days of free concerts.


Let’s make it clear: less is more. Assuming that our attention time is a quality that have to be cherished, we have decided to invite only 3 groups of musicians for this edition. Each will play twice, on Saturday and Sunday, by offering different concerts or by inviting other musicians to join them.

The US Halcyon Veil label will be represented by Rabit, Swan Meat et Cecilia

The French Collectif Sin will invite François Atlas, Ding Dong (Cosmic Néman & Quéméré), SPMDJ (Syndrome Prémenstruel), Fly Bien et TGV (Tristan Gaston Vallet), Lover Club & Erwan Evin De La Sin and Quentin Kôôl.

The Bristol Young Echo crew will be represented Ishan Sound, Manonmars, Sunun, Ossia et Jabu

THE VENUE : A historic and incredibly beautiful park, rarely open to the public

Les Siestes is the perfect opportunity to discover one of the oldest protected parks in Paris (1909). This wild 24ac park, quite unique, belonged to two English sister who gave it to the French State if artists can live here. One of their house has thus been transformed into a completely unique retirement home for artists and a dozen of artist residencies has been build in the park. There is so much to say about this venue. Actually it’s because of this venue, this park, that we’re organizing this new event.


Parc de la Fondation des Artistes
14, rue Charles VII
94130 Nogent-sur-Marne

Paris to Nogent, it’s an only 30 minutes journey :)

RER A : Nogent-sur-Marne then walk 15 minutes or takes the bus 114 or 210 (stop Sous-Préfecture)
Metro L1 : Château de Vincennes then take the bus 114 or 210 (stop Sous-Préfecture)
RER E : Nogent-sur-Marne then walk 5 minutes (direction Tribunal d’instance)